• DON’T change your relationship status on social media before letting your parents and those closest to you know about it – nothing worse than family and close friends feeling like the world knows before them!
  • DON’T go DIY crazy - you can wear yourself out, take on too much and run out of time and sometimes it’s more money than not doing DIY - simple is always better on the planning and the budget!  
  • DON’T forget to consider your bridesmaids when choosing dresses, bachelorette destination parties, etc.  Some may not have the finances for what you are dreaming of and it can become more of a burden than fun for all
  • DON’T feel you have to invite Aunt Mabel who you haven’t seen in the last 4 years…keep it to those that you see on a regular basis and manage that guest list
  • DON’T book your venue and photographer and wedding planner as early as possible – popular venues and great photographers/planners today are booking a minimum one year out and many are more like 18 months out.
  • DO figure out a budget before you start committing yourself to a venue, etc.  or you may find that you have over extended yourself and have to cut back on things you didn’t want to in the end
  • DO put your personality into it with signature cocktails and have guest experiences – lawn area games, cigar rolling, photobooth, personalized favors, different themes that are all about what you love, etc.
  • DO give those giving toasts a strict time limit and have one of the bridal party members give them a cut off sign so they don’t put the guests asleep when going on and on and on. 
  • D0 schedule a trial makeup and hair session so know you are comfortable in how you look the day of your wedding – no last minute surprises that ruin your day.
  • Most importantly, D0 take time to eat and grab some couple time throughout the day to be together and take it all in because it’s gone before you know it