The day you have finally dreamed of is here and one of the most important things that assures it goes smoothly is a timeline.   Bride and grooms have missed cake cuttings and bouquet tosses getting caught up with everything that is going on and you definitely don't won't to miss one of those memorable moments.

Start by listing all of the special events that are happening that day such as those moments including the first dance, mother/father dance, toasts, garter toss, etc.  The build in your vendors into the list (i.e. when is the cake arriving, when is the band setting up, etc.)  Pictures are next on the time line as to when the photographer will need you before and during the ceremony and reception to catch the best photo ops.

Once you have it all listed, you'll know have a guide to follow.  Make sure all of your vendors get a copy of it as well so that they know when they are expected.  This will also help you MC when announcing everything as to when you want it to occur.  

Part of the services are Karen Marie Events is to create this timeline for you.  With our day of ceremony package, this is an important tool we use and we make sure that everything on that timeline happens exactly when it is suppose to assuring a flawless beautiful wedding day!  

Photo Credit:  Lucas Rossi Photography