I can't tell you just how important florals are the day of your wedding or at any event for that matter.  I have seen lots of different florists put together wedding centerpieces and bridal/bridesmaid bouquets but the difference between a good one and a great one is in their individual vision, and tying it in with yours, when designing.  When their vision is spot on with your vision of how you want your wedding to look, it becomes magical. Your tablescapes pop, your wedding arch becomes a centerpiece in your ceremony and it pulls everything together in your wedding or event theme.

When choosing a florist, it's important that you give them a good idea of what you want.  Browsing through Pinterest, you can get tons of ideas.  Start a wedding flower board, or take a look at the one on our Pinterest site, Karen Marie Events.  From there, start collecting your favorites and narrow it down to a few.  Take those pictures with you when you consult with your florist making sure they understand the theme and vision of your wedding.  Show them samples of the colors you are using and the venue.  All of this should help them create floral designs that will be unique for your wedding.

Keep in mind cost as well when planning for your florals.  Repurposing from your ceremony to the reception will save you money as well as making sure you use florals that are in season and not costly.  A single stem can cost $4-$5 a piece so a bouquet with high priced flowers adds up quicky!

Some of our favorite floral designers, Unique Floral Designs, Greenwich Floral Design, WildflowersCA and Dulce Floral Designs, utilize a lot of natural greenery in their designs and they are truly breathtaking.  There are many more we can refer you to depending on the type of florals you want and you’re your budget. 

Photo Credit:  Jenn Jasso Photography