Southern California is the perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding venue and none more so than the city of Thousand Oaks.  A premiere community recognized as one of the most desirable and safest places in all of California, it is often referred to as the Conejo Valley.  Nestled between the Los Angeles and Ventura county lines, it is a just a short distance to Malibu’s scenic coastline and is surrounded by scenic mountains and rolling hills.  With a Mediterranean climate, it also offers a diversified selection of wedding venues featuring outside areas that you can comfortably enjoy on a year round basis.

Keeping the budget conscious happy, there are many community choices such as the Oak Park and North Ranch Community Centers as well as the historic Stagecoach Inn and the Chumash Indian Museum outdoor area. 

For the country club lover, golf courses abound, both public and private, offering indoor and outdoor venues such as The Gardens @ Los Robles, Sunset Hills Country Club, Lake Lindero Country Club and the elegant Sherwood Country Club.

Outdoor venues are endless in the Thousand Oaks and the adjoining cities.  If you are looking for an exquisite 40 acre ranch vineyard estate setting, Epona Estates is the perfect setting.  Within a couple of miles from Thousand Oaks, ranch and barn weddings have multiplied in the Moorpark and Camarillo areas with Quail Ranch, McCormick Home Ranch, Camarillo Ranch, Walnut Grove, Eden Gardens, and Rancho de las Palmas to name a few.

Of course, the traditional hotel settings from the simple Palm Garden Hotel to the more luxurious Four Seasons and Westlake Village Inn also offer indoor and outdoor areas for wedding celebrations.

And if that’s not enough choices you will find many, many more which is why hiring a local wedding planner can help you not only with your venue choice but in assuring you are connected with the best local resources.  Of course, a local wedding planner also knows these venues well which is paramount to making sure your special day runs smoothly and goes off without a hitch!Thousand Oaks, California. Named


You really can’t afford not to!   Weddings are expensive and a wedding planner may not have been considered in your original budget.  However, when you consider the money you are budgeting for a professional photographer, your caterer, your floral designer, etc., you need to remember that they are only in charge of one aspect of your wedding.  Your wedding planner is in charge of everything and is the one who is going to make sure that everything happens as it should and coordinate all of the other vendors for you.  They are the one point of contact that everyone can go to.  They map out the timeline for all of the vendors collectively and keep them on track.  They are your conductor to make sure all of the parts of the symphony are in tune!

Today’s wedding are also much more detailed than ever before with all of the ideas on the internet through sites such as Pinterest.  Wedding décor has become more personal and there is more of it.  A wedding planner plots out where you want things to go, can provide insight about décor ideas and can bring it all together so when you walk out of your bridal dressing room to go down the aisle, your dream comes to life. 

Wedding planners can be a great time saver as well as save you money!  They have tons of resources and have done all of the research already.  They know where to get the best cake, where to buy paper lanterns online for the best price and where to find used goods, caterer choices to fit your budget, etc.  Our team provides our brides with excel sheets for their guest lists, wedding checklists to help you with your planning and all of the information you need, where to register and registry ideas, bridal stores and more so you don’t waste your time searching the web and other sources.  We also work with vendors on a regular basis and at times receive professional discounts that we can pass over to you.  In the end the time and money you save from our suggestions usually far outweigh our costs – it’s like getting your money back in the long run!


Many wedding venues with banquet facilities have an event manager on staff.  They will book the venue for you, assist you with menu planning and usually handle the setup of the tables and chairs as part of their responsibility. Today, many of the wedding venues, also have on staff a wedding coordinator that they include with your wedding package. 

The important thing to remember in both cases is that these venue coordinators are employed by the venue.  Their responsibilities are to the venue who employs them and is limited to taking care of the venue itself, their food service & staffing and in some cases, depending on the venue, tables and chair set up.  They have not worked with you closely over several months getting to know you on a more personal basis, helping you to create your vision and getting to know how you want your day presented.  Their services are also limited. 

An outside wedding planner is like your general contractor.  Beyond the basics, they manage all of the vendors confirming with them prior to the wedding, providing headcounts, coordinating arrival and set up times and to assure that everyone is on task during the event.  Your personal wedding planner is there not just to coordinate the day but to set up your décor to create your vision, make sure guests are greeted, assure that the cake cutting and other events of the day are done in a timely manner, music is getting your guests on the dance floor, etc.  They are also there to also take care of things that may not go so right – like the wrong flowers being delivered, the cake not delivered on time, getting an emergency keg of beer when you run out, etc.   Their services are over and above a venue coordinator’s normal responsibilities. 

Your own personal wedding planner also relies on your happiness as their business is built on referrals.  The venue coordinator is an employee and their goal is to facilitate the wedding for the venue.  Their desire to make your day as special as can be may not be at the same level as your wedding planner who hopes to have you as a lifetime client who will refer their friends and families.